Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How did I do This?

Something to do on a very dull,wet or snowy day..............

Here it is............the fast car..........how?

Well not with loads of expensive equipment like a fast car, an expert driver, a bolted on metal arm with camera attached etc etc, at speed, which is what I might have guessed at.

MUCH simpler really, if you know how.  Photoshop CC (although I'm fairly sure you can do the same in Photoshop CS5 and CS6).

Starting image:

Completely static car in Mercedes Benz World showroom.  No danger, no well paid driver, no studio lights, no flash, Nothing - just me and my dslr and a few people wandering around.   Also a pretty standard and dull image, apart from it being a great car of course.

So............let's liven it up a bit:
1. Open jpeg in Photoshop CC.
2. Select carefully the car (with your favourite selection tool)
3. Select Inverse and apply Radial Blur Filter with Zoom.  Adjust blur centre towards rear of car.  Play around with the amount of blur to get the look half believable.
4. Duplicate this layer. On newly created layer, delete current selection and make a new selection of the wheel/tyre(excluding the centre of it).
5. Apply Radial Blur with Spin.  Again adjust centre and amount.
6. Duplicate THIS layer and select latest layer. Clear selection and make new one of the windscreen.
7. Apply Radial Blur with zoom.  Play around with settings as before to make it look good.  This takes a few gos at it when you first try but you get better at it.
8. Repeat No 6 but select side windows.

Clear as mud?  Have a go.